Bradford Bar Dart League

Bradford Bar Dart League



  2016 Bradford Winter Dart League Starts November 30th 7:00pm






2016 Bradford Fall Dart League Meeting is November 16th, 7pm @ The Lighterside


The Bradford Dart League is a plastic-tip format dart league which plays Cricket. All regular match competition throughout the year is scheduled for Wednesday nights.

This year, the league will offer two seasons of play which includes a summer 14-week season and a Fall/Winter Season. The summer league will be a trail run of using playoffs to determine a season winner. This is a good opportunity for new teams to the league to try out their darting skills and it also gives darting veterans an opportunity to shoot competitively in the off season.

The regular match format consists of a total of 12 team points. Each team(4 members) will shoot 12 games of Cricket, each games consists of 2 players from each team shooting against the opposing team. Each member of your team will shoot with the other 3 members twice, playing 6 times total throughout the night.

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